Ali Habibzadeh


Welcome to a land full of 200 OKs, I am Ali the Chief Technology Officer at Lumar, a beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of web intelligence. Leveraging a decade of expertise, I have guided Lumar to craft seamless SEO and website health workflows, turning it into your ultimate command centre for website optimization and health.

We understand that a website is the collaborative effort of a diverse team - from SEO experts and digital marketers to UX designers and the C-suite. This is why Lumar offers robust metrics and industry benchmarks to keep all stakeholders aligned, providing a single source of truth for your website's health and accessibility.

Below you can get access to an LLM based chat app where you can interact with a digital rendition of myself. Here, I am at your service to answer queries, offer insights, and discuss how Lumar can revolutionise your website's performance and security.

Feel free to ask anything — from the intricate workings of our powerful web crawler to our strategies in fostering a culture of technical excellence. Let’s dive deep into the world of web intelligence, where your curiosities meet our innovative solutions. Step into the future with Lumar, and let’s build a digitally healthy and accessible web space for all.