Chief Technology Officer

Lumar (formerly Deepcrawl)

Nov 2018 - Present

As the CTO of Lumar, I orchestrated a technological transformation that positioned the company at the forefront of web crawling innovations. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, I led the team in adopting cutting-edge tools and methodologies. I successfully expanded Lumar's web crawling capabilities, ensuring scalability and efficiency. My leadership and strategic vision w...

Technical Lead

Lumar (formerly Deepcrawl)

Sep 2017 - Present

In this pivotal role, I was responsible for charting the technical direction of the company. I enhanced our product vision, collaborated on development strategies, and steered the company through significant technical changes, particularly in the realms of cloud computing and scalable architectures. By emphasizing Amazon Web Services and advocating for best practices in change management, I ensure...

Head of UI


Jul 2015 - Sep 2017

Leading the UI division, I emphasized the importance of user-centric design in our products. I championed a holistic approach, integrating both design and coding, to ensure a seamless user experience. My leadership was pivotal in driving the vision, strategy, and execution of all visible artefacts, positioning DeepCrawl as a leader in user experience....

Senior CRM Developer


Jul 2012 - Apr 2016

At Concep, I was entrusted with the critical task of shaping the front-end landscape. Collaborating with technical architects, I introduced standards and technologies that drove UI consistency and high performance across applications. I was the go-to expert for strategic product development, leveraging my deep understanding of both technical and business aspects to drive product success....

Contract Developer


Apr 2014 - Apr 2014

For truRating, I took the reins of designing and building the front end of their dashboard. Drawing on my expertise in various tools and frameworks, I delivered a solution that was both technically sound and user-friendly. This was the very first dashboard the business used to market itself with the VCs and Banks in the middle east....

Tech Lead and UX Manager

European Directories

Jun 2011 - Jun 2012

Leading a team of front-end developers, I was responsible for the holistic design and technical direction of the company's digital products. My role spanned from designing user flows and mock-ups to ensuring the best practices in jQuery and JS. I also introduced innovative solutions like HTML5 APIs and CSS3 implementations, ensuring the products were at the cutting edge of technology while maintai...

Application Developer

Sussex Police

Jun 2011 - Jun 2011

I spearheaded the development of a mobile application aimed at enhancing community engagement and awareness. This project required a delicate balance of technical prowess and understanding of the end-users' needs, ensuring a tool that was both technically robust and user-friendly....

Senior Designer / Frontend Developer

Holiday Cottage Compare

2011 - 2011

For this startup, I was responsible for the end-to-end design and development of the platform. My leadership ensured a product that was not only technically sound but also presented a fresh and user-friendly face in a competitive market....

Designer / Front End Developer


Dec 2007 - Apr 2010

At GENES REUNITED, I was at the forefront of social networking and genealogy product development. I spearheaded initiatives that leveraged rich .Net applications, ensured best practices in JavaScript, and championed user-centric designs, ensuring the platform's standing as a leader in its niche....